Concrete typically looks plain and grey — but it doesn’t always have to be that way. JJ’s Concrete and Limestone offers clients the chance to transform their concrete from zero to 100 with our glow in the dark concrete. Perth clients can now achieve illuminated concrete floors, pathways and driveways.

Available in a range of glowing colours, our glow in the dark concrete lends any Perth house or property the added glam with its brilliant luminescence. The glow lasts all night long and doesn’t need to be connected to any power source.


How does it happen? The bright natural glow that is immediately noticeable when the lights go out comes from the hours of sun exposure during the daylight. It absorbs natural and artificial light energy, which it later uses to glow brightly in the dark.

It sounds like something you’d see in a science fiction movie, but it’s now made a possibility. In fact, we already have a number of clients in Perth with their own glow in the dark concrete. Give your concrete floors, pool surrounds, garden pathways and outdoor areas that spark, too.

Despite the unbelievably brilliant glow in the dark quality of our concrete, you can still have natural strength and durability of concrete. More than its aesthetics, it is still as high-performing as other kinds of concrete; it just glows and lights up at night.

Designed for indoor and outdoor applications, enjoy the durability of your concrete and the beauty of its luminescence with JJ’s Concrete and Limestone. Low-light areas such as stairways, hallways and back alleys can be lit up with this glow in the dark concrete.

Light up your way today with JJ’s Concrete and Limestone.